Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription model that offers email and office productivity solutions that many are finding attractive. Business applications from Outlook to Excel is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection on multiple devices, depending on the plan you pick. Traditional Microsoft Office applications were only utilized through desktop installations, limiting access to your productivity environment.

UniVista offers three of the most popular licenses within O365, Business Essentials, Business Premium and Enterprise E3.

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2019 is here, and it is a special year for all concerned due to many Microsoft products going End of Life (EOL) in January of 2020. We’ve covered the whys of EOL in previous pings, so in this edition we would like to remind you of the importance of keeping your servers updated and workstations rebooted when prompted. We discussed this necessity in The Ping: Updates and Upgrades, and we encourage you to review it. Staying ahead of the game will help prevent down time from malware and slow systems or hardware crashes. This edition of “The Ping!” should answer any lingering questions about Microsoft’s EOL policy and dates.

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Ah Budgeting… The least favorite thing we can do in both our personal and business lives.  Although it isn’t fun, it tends to make our lives much easier in the long run.  Let’s break down the basics to getting you and your organization onto a budget plan that will work for your business goals.

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Working remotely may seem rather quick and easy. You head on over to your local coffee shop, order your triple-shot, half-caff, no foam, extra hot latte and sit at your favorite table in the corner.  You double check to make sure no one is looking over your shoulder, pop open your laptop and get to work. Right? Well, it’s actually a little more complicated than that. Staying secure in a non-secure work place comes with some much needed extra steps to keep your company data away from prying eyes.

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Nothing lasts forever right?  So many things have a shelf life.  The same can be said for the technology we use daily.  Planning for the End of Life of your existing hardware and software is an important and unavoidable task.  A task that should be analyzed each year as budgets are developed.  As part of your agreement, your UniVista account managers will work with you during this time to help you understand what equipment/software is nearing its EOL and help develop strategies to tackle these upcoming replacements and/or upgrades. So what is EOL exactly?

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Almost every day we hear of a new way hackers are stealing personal information from the public. They are creating so many new ways to exploit us that it’s almost impossible for the security vendors to keep up. This underlines the fact that the best way to try and remain malware free is, and probably always will be, to practice safe computing habits.

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How do I avoid a getting infected by a virus?

Good question! Even though you diligently keep your Windows or Mac operating system and your antivirus program updated with all the latest patches and updates you still get viruses.
Updates and patches are reactive to existing viruses or security holes so unfortunately you will always be at risk. To reduce your risk you should always practice safe computing.

What is safe computing?

Safe Computing is composed of a few elements:
– Responsible Surfing: Stay away from shady websites. Also, like your mom said, “Stay away from porn!” Many links to images, particularly the ones with naked people in them, will infect your PC.
– Security: Make sure that the Windows or Mac login you do your day to day surfing under does NOT have admin access to your PC. This will help prevent the spread of a virus if you do happen to stumble across anything malicious.
-Updates: Keep your Operating System, Antivirus Program, and all your web plug-ins updated. If you have an agreement with Univista that includes Limited or Comprehensive Desktop Support then we do most of this for you already.
-Responsible Email: If you get an email that you weren’t expecting that includes a really interesting sounding link to a web page or attachment STAY AWAY! If it’s from a friend call them and ask if they meant to send it to you. If it’s from a stranger then delete it.

What if I do all these things and I still get a popup that looks like a virus?

– DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING IN THE POPUP! Clicking in or on the popup may give the virus permission to install on your PC and then you’re in for a potentially expensive recovery.
Instead please bring up your Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DELETE keys and then select Task Manager) in Windows or your Task Manager (APPLE-OPTION-ESC) on your Mac and then end your web browser processes until you see the popup disappear.

Unfortunatly that there are no absolute solutions to the virus dilemma. You can only do the best that you can and even then you may still get a virus but I promise that if you do these few simple things your risk will go way down.

As always, please do not hesitate to call us at 866-832-6209. We’re here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Being the smart guys they are, Microsoft is taking advantage of the rise in malware on Google Android-based phones. They are offering free Windows phones to users who describe their Android malware problems (Microsoft offers free Windows phones to Android malware victims). Don’t be surprised if Microsoft decides to make the same offer to Apple iPhone users since iPhones also have security issues (iPhone security bug lets innocent looking apps go bad). The flaw in the plan is that Microsoft Windows phones also have malware issues(Windows phone text message bug discovered).
What to do? We recommend the following:
* Practice safe surfing, even on your phone.
* Be smart about attachments – Don’t open anything sent to you that you aren’t expecting.
* Don’t install anything that you haven’t researched. Any app can be a gateway into your data.
* Keep control of your phone and the data on it by installing a pass code.