The Ping: CyberSecurity and EOL

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about the importance of upgrading your near EOL, or end of life, systems. While it’s important to know that not replacing these machines can slow down your network, let’s talk about how it could leave your network open to malware and overall vulnerabilities 


Are you aware that continuing to use a machine that can no longer receive updates can put you at risk? The problem is it will not only put YOU at risk, but also your business associates, family and friends. If a hacker gains access to your machine, they can use that same malware to obtain access to your contacts.  In The Ping: End of Life – Server and Desktop we discussed the issues that your company could face. These include, but are not limited to, the degradation of your system performance, vulnerabilities in the network, and slower performance from employees as their desktops begin to atrophy. 



Not only does the continual use of end of life machines mean you could be opening yourself up to attack, it also means the possibility that your company software will no longer be functional. Updates to your server or desktop software aren’t the only updates that stop.  Updates to company software, including your antivirus programs, would also cease to update. Your first line of defense to preventing malware from entering your network is your antivirus program.  Allowing malware to infiltrate your network can end up costing your network thousands of dollars to fix. This could also leave the company shut down for an unknown amount of time.  



While we’ve said so much about the need to upgrade your servers and desktops, we have yet to remind you about another important potential security concern. Your network devices, such as firewalls and switches, also come with an end of life on their updates and patches. “Unsupported products that don’t receive critical security patches and updates are susceptible to data breaches and malware attacks. This is particularly true for firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and other security devices that protect the edge of the network” – ICG. Switches and firewalls that are over a couple of years old are considered ineffectual. Allowing these to stay on your network is the equivalent of leaving the front door open!  


Keeping your systems and network safe can be simple if you have the right tools in place. Here at UniVista we strive to make sure your company is prepared for the next steps in your End of Life system replacements. Feel free to reach out to your account managers to address any concerns you may have. 

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