The Ping: Why Coaching?

For the past decade or more Coaching has been increasing in popularity both inside and outside the workplace. CEOs, Business owners, HR departments, and Managers more and more are recognizing the need and benefit of coaching within their organization and business.  Why? There are number of reasons.  But before I share a few reasons, let’s start with a working definition for coaching:

Coaching can be defined as: the process of equipping and helping individuals fully develop themselves, thereby unleashing their potential and producing effective results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations.

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The Ping: Onboarding Part Deux

The day has finally come! What else can you do to successfully onboard that new employee? Let us help! If you need a refresher on how to start, check out our previous blog!


Training is one of the most important parts of onboarding.  Although it may be mundane, having a clearly defined training process is an important component of any successful new hire integration plan.

For many, computerized training can seem tedious. Most of us try to “rush” through it.  Doing so may cause your new hire to overlook key pieces of info, or to get that “glazed over” look half-way through a single day.  Best practice for digital training is to break up the sessions as much as possible.  Then, schedule sit-down meetings with the new employee, engaging with them on some of the content you know they have recently gone through.  Solicit feedback and encourage honest opinions.  These opinions, if taken with an open mind, could lead to positive change for your organization and possibly even a happier, healthier work environment.

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The Ping: Onboarding – Prepare your Business for a Wave of Success


Onboarding can be one of the most effective ways of helping new employees quickly get acclimated to your company processes. Onboarding allows you to provide new employees with the right knowledge, resources, and tools to be successful.  You’ll also be providing your company with an employee that meshes well with your organization.

First, let us be clear: a proper onboarding process is not simply putting somebody through orientation.  Orientation programs typically prepare someone for their first day at work.  Onboarding is much more focused and long-term, transitioning new employees into being an engaged part of their new work family.  The following items will help you develop a smooth and successful onboarding with your new hire.

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The Ping: Finalize and Maintain your Disaster Recovery Plan

Ok, I have followed all the steps in last week’s blog post. I have identified my critical functions and reviewed my backups, but I still don’t have a recovery plan in place.

How do I create a plan based on the loss tolerance decisions that have been made?

Now that you’ve done some research and made critical business decisions that best fit your Disaster Recovery needs, let’s document it! You can simultaneously begin to implement some of the changes you will need to engage your plan when disaster strikes, but if there is no user manual then no one will know how to use it. You want to create a write-up that is comprehensive and easy to understand and to follow. At a high level, you want to make sure your plan covers the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How?

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The Ping: Initiating Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Ok so YES I need to plan for a disaster, how do I begin? Let’s break it down into looking at your current situation and making decisions about where you want to go with it. If you need help answering these questions and making these determinations, we can help!

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