The Ping: Updates and Upgrades

Recently we’ve had a few questions from customers regarding upgrades and updates. Let’s dive into the purpose of these updates and upgrades to break down the reason why they are so important.


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Special Alert: Extortion Email Scam!

*Special Alert* – Extortion Email Scam

A worrying new type of phishing email is going around using stolen data from high-profile websites. These emails include a password that has been used with the user’s email address in the past in an attempt to scare that person into sending the scammer money (typically Bitcoin). Since the emails include personalized information, they appear credible in ways typical phishing emails do not. Typically, the scammer is claiming that they have recorded “compromising activity” and blackmailing the user for their silence.

Within the last year, Facebook, MyHeritage, Ticketfly, Under Armour, and several other high-profile services have been compromised.

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The Ping: Continuing Budgeting for Infrastructure Changes

Last we spoke on The Ping: Budgeting for Infrastructure Changes, we talked about budgeting for your goals, including system End of Life time frames and Disaster Recovery. What are some other important business aspects you should be planning for?


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The Ping: Budgeting for Infrastructure Changes

Ah Budgeting… The least favorite thing we can do in both our personal and business lives.  Although it isn’t fun, it tends to make our lives much easier in the long run.  Let’s break down the basics to getting you and your organization onto a budget plan that will work for your business goals.

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