The Ping: Continuing Budgeting for Infrastructure Changes

Last we spoke on The Ping: Budgeting for Infrastructure Changes, we talked about budgeting for your goals, including system End of Life time frames and Disaster Recovery. What are some other important business aspects you should be planning for?


Phone Systems

Changing over to a new phone system, like VoIP (Voice over IP), can be a daunting task. It’s more than just the connection type you choose, it also includes network changes, company Service Level Agreements (SLA), and whether or not you want to host the system on premises. For more information on the different decisions you’ll have to make, head over to The Ping: VoIP Best Practices.

Multiple Locations

Is your business growing?  It might be time to open a second location on the opposite side of town! We currently manage multiple companies with two or more offices.  The idea of multiple locations may seem simple, but follow through always becomes a little more complicated without a solid plan in place. Network and infrastructure changes will have to be made to make sure both locations are secure and can talk to each other.  Utilizing similar equipment such as switches and firewalls helps to ensure license renewals and EOL calendars are kept up to date.  Remember, redundant internet becomes more important the more you rely on an internet connection! Especially if workflow travels between the locations.

Plans in Play?

Maybe you already have some ideas of changes that we haven’t mentioned. Budgeting for future plans come with a risk if you don’t cover all your bases.

Switching software platforms?  Adhering to End of Life implementations like Server 2008, Exchange 2010 or Windows 7?  Hardware changes or planning on a new Host for your network?  Our team is here to help.  Reach out to your account manager for any assistance in planning your upcoming budget year.

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