The Ping: Office 365 Reliability

It’s easy to assume and feel confident that Microsoft Office 365 is reliable and leave it at that, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t tell just how reliable it is.

Here are 3 simple reasons why you can feel confident in choosing Office 365 as your platform:

Physical Redundancy

Microsoft has built multiple datacenters nationally and internationally. Each location has their own failover procedures for equipment and location loss. Not only do they have multiple failover procedures, they perform recovery tests on a regular basis. Also, to ensure your email can be recovered, they replicate this backed up data across several of their datacenter locations. Thus, giving you peace of mind.

Service Uptime Promise

In the Microsoft Office 365 Service Status Page you’re able to view the health and availably of email and other services. They’re confident about their uptime average and committed to transparency passed onto you, the end user. So much so, that they post Worldwide SLA stats quarterly. In 2017-2018, the SLA ranged from 99.97 – 99.99%.

Keep it Simple

Microsoft is likely able to achieve these high service levels because it chooses to simplify their processes by standardizing and automating. UniVista has adopted this process too. A “Best Practice” standard is established and then rolled out everywhere. If a process repeats often and predictably, it can be automated. This saves time, increases efficiency and reduces the risk of failure. It also provides a more simplified path to troubleshooting issues as the process is predictable.

Still have questions about Office 365? Feel free to email your account manager with any questions or concerns.

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