The Ping: Becoming Compliant

Now that you have read The Ping: What is Compliance?, you are probably especially aware that your company might need to become compliant in one or more areas. Whether that be PCI, CJIS or something else, you might need to meet minimum regulations to keep your company safe.

If you are not sure where you currently stand, you are not alone. Compliance coverages are not always straight-forward. For example, you may be a law firm that covers medical cases. This means that you might have to be HIPAA compliant! If you are a city municipality and allow your residents to pay their fees via credit card, you will have to be PCI compliant! The Ping: Breaking Down Compliance explains how different major compliance regulations might affect your company.

Becoming compliant can be a daunting task. You might have questions such as: have I met all the requirements, am I in danger of penalties resulting in fines or possibly worse repercussions, or are my clients at risk? Basically, do you have all your ducks in a row? Compliance regulations often affect parts of your network that you probably do not normally monitor. Don’t allow yourself to become only partially covered. Instead of guessing, let us help you out! We can help you figure out exactly which compliance requirements you are responsible for. After that, we can help you determine what steps are necessary to meet those requirements.

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