The Ping: We’ve Got Your Back!

Building a bond with each of our customers is the most important aspect of our business. This is proven through the time and effort taken to create and maintain relationships with each one of our customers. 

Quarterly Business Reviews  

The ideal way to build and maintain a relationship with customers is with face time. This affords us the opportunity to discuss your needs and manage your expectations.  This time also allows us to analyze your network and system securities. Because of our commitment to our relationship with customers, we’re able to offer you feedback and develop a plan to improve your infrastructure. If you need to know how much you should be prepared to spend on your network in the next fiscal year, we also help with your IT strategy planning and budgeting.   

UniVista Account Teams  

Speaking of face time, each customer’s business receives a UniVista team, comprising of two technicians and an account manager. Have you ever been on the phone with customer service and had to repeatedly explain both your problem AND your setup up to multiple people? Your UniVista team will know the ins and outs of your business systems, saving you both time, money and frustration. However, don’t feel you are just limited to only your designated UniVista team members; our helpdesk is staffed with an entire team of dedicated technicians who are also available to help!  


Are we up to par? With everything we do, we continuously strive to improve ourselves and our product.  Our mission statement is “Our product is customer satisfaction.”  After every completed ticket, your company contact receives a follow-up survey to help us achieve this goal. Did we exceed your expectations? Great! Thank you for letting us know! Could we have done something better? We appreciate you helping us grow! We value your input and our dedicated to be the best IT provider for your business.   Without the valuable feedback, we cannot continue to adapt and strive for this goal. 

Core Values  

Our product is customer satisfaction! How do we break that down?  

  • Honesty  
  • Integrity  
  • Communication  
  • Accountability   
  • Teamwork   

Whenever we change or upgrade our internal processes and procedures, we approach each potential change with these five core values to ensure we are best satisfying our customer needs!  We also work to align ourselves with your company core values. 

We here at UniVista would like to thank you for being a valued customer. We hope that we are exceeding your expectations of what your IT company should do for you as a business. If you’d like to learn more about UniVista and our beneficial agreements, contact us at [email protected] or 512-832-6209! 

Your UniVista Team
*Celebrating 20+ Years of Customer Satisfaction*