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Onboarding can be one of the most effective ways of helping new employees quickly get acclimated to your company processes. Onboarding allows you to provide new employees with the right knowledge, resources, and tools to be successful.  You’ll also be providing your company with an employee that meshes well with your organization.

First, let us be clear: a proper onboarding process is not simply putting somebody through orientation.  Orientation programs typically prepare someone for their first day at work.  Onboarding is much more focused and long-term, transitioning new employees into being an engaged part of their new work family.  The following items will help you develop a smooth and successful onboarding with your new hire.

Background Checks / New Hire Paperwork

So, you’ve found the right candidate.  Their personality seems to mesh well, and they’ve met your qualifications.  If you’re just as eager to bring on your new superstar as they are to start, waiting any longer than necessary is not an option.  Background checks and drug screenings can take some time to return results, so having these forms ready and available is the first step in starting on the right path.  As soon as these are submitted, the following common forms can be filled in or handed to your new hire.

  • Welcome letter
  • W-4 form for tax withholding
  • Enrollment forms and benefit packages
  • I-9 form with instructions
  • Emergency notification form
  • Employee handbook and form acknowledging they received one
  • COBRA form


About a week before starting, it’s a good idea to have the new team member’s direct manager call them and welcome them to the team.  A quick 10- to 15-minute call can quite effectively build a firm rapport and start the new relationship in a positive direction.  A welcome letter can represent your company in an official capacity, but a phone call adds a personal touch. It is very likely to resonate within your new employee and foster a deeper sense of loyalty in the long run. During this phone call, you can also confirm their start date, expected arrival time, parking, etc. Anything that was most likely left out of the interview process.

Socialization and Expectations

Most new employees are going to show up to the first couple of days at the job with little to no knowledge of their next steps or how to jump into the position. A few ways to ease their uneasiness:

  • Have their profile setup and all informational emails waiting for them
  • Setup calendar events for the upcoming week or two
  • Personally introduce them to their new team members

The more prepared you are beforehand, the less likely hiccups will slow down your Onboarding process. Stay tuned until next week when we discuss Training and Tools for your new employee!

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New Hire Checklist

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