The Ping: Onboarding Part Deux

The day has finally come! What else can you do to successfully onboard that new employee? Let us help! If you need a refresher on how to start, check out our previous blog!


Training is one of the most important parts of onboarding.  Although it may be mundane, having a clearly defined training process is an important component of any successful new hire integration plan.

For many, computerized training can seem tedious. Most of us try to “rush” through it.  Doing so may cause your new hire to overlook key pieces of info, or to get that “glazed over” look half-way through a single day.  Best practice for digital training is to break up the sessions as much as possible.  Then, schedule sit-down meetings with the new employee, engaging with them on some of the content you know they have recently gone through.  Solicit feedback and encourage honest opinions.  These opinions, if taken with an open mind, could lead to positive change for your organization and possibly even a happier, healthier work environment.

People learn differently through various types of training.  Shadowing and one-on-one training can be some of the most effective methods of knowledge sharing you can utilize.  This type of directed training allows the mind to work through processes or tasks and ask the key questions to make the process make sense to that individual.  Your keys to success for this kind of training are:

  • Avoid personality conflicts between trainer vs trainee
  • Ensure trainers capability to share his/her knowledge
  • Work on methods to convey processes in a clear, concise way


Your tools for a successful new hire can come in many shapes and forms.  From providing the right computer hardware and software to purchasing quality pens and office supplies, the tools that you invest in your staff affects their confidence in your ability to see your new team members succeed.

No one wants to come in on their first day and find out they are using another hand-me-down PC that has been everything from the breakroom computer to the CEO’s son’s personal computer – especially because this device is likely going to be their main source of productivity.  Remember, you are not just investing in technology, but rather in the success and long-term productivity of your workers.

Now, that does not mean you need to buy new equipment for every new hire you bring on.  What it does mean is that reviewing inventory, keeping up to date software, and even a periodic reimaging of your hardware will maximize your investment.  Don’t be afraid to grab a cleaning cloth and wipe down that equipment, showing your new hire they are important enough to the organization that they don’t have to use a dirty keyboard.


Follow Through

For all plans simple or complex, following through is a must.  Many organizations devise a fairly detailed onboarding process.  If the new hire is not engaged and questioned on their progress throughout the steps of the onboarding process, key information can be missed.  Mistakes during this process can eventually happen, causing issues that could have easily been resolved from the beginning had you been more actively engaged in the process.

Take time to sit down with your new hire towards the end of each day, or at least at the end of each week.  Engage them, asking pertinent questions to their progress and finding out how they are fitting in with their coworkers.  Assure them that you are invested in them and want to see them succeed.

Don’t forget to follow up with their direct supervisor.  This not only helps hold that person accountable, but also builds a culture that can spread across the organization – a culture where every team member is a valued member of your work family.



I hope you can see that through proactive preparation of paperwork, a solid and efficient training program, providing impactful tools and engaging follow up, onboarding can be an enriching and expectation setting process for your new hires.  Oh, one last bit of advice, do not forget to smile!  Smiles are contagious.  You will be surprised at how productive a happy and fun office environment can be.


Your UniVista Team
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