The Ping: Definition of a Modern Office

So what exactly would the Modern Office be considered nowadays? Just like Tamagotchis and Blockbuster Video, working full-time in an office seems to be a thing of the past. Telecommuting, or working from home, has increased in the workforce by 115% over the past 13 years -with most employees spending at least 50% of their time working remotely. All of the technology changes over the past years have made it easier to work not only from an office, but right from your home.

Benefits of Telecommuting

While there are drawbacks to working from home, most employers find their employees are more productive, according to Forbes magazine. When you remove the distractions staff encounter they spend more of their day working and less chatting.

How far is your drive to work? While our city continues to grow, traffic conditions are becoming agonizing. Working from home can save hours of your day and decrease the amount of stress you encounter on a daily basis.

Speaking of health, have you ever made it to the office to find that someone decided to show up sick? Or at least still contagious? Telecommuting decreases the risk of spreading colds and having half the team out from the same illness.

From an employer’s point-of-view, having employees in the office less often decreases their overhead. Cooling and heating an office building costs far more than it does in a home.


Drawbacks of Telecommuting

If an employee has trouble keeping on task, telecommuting might not be right for them. At home, or wherever they choose to work remotely, may consist of a significant amount of distractions. An employee needs to be motivated to get their work completed at a pace that is beneficial to both parties.

Just like when the internet became more popular, people meeting face-to-face decreased. Working remotely can be very isolating. It might work best for an employee to work from the office part-time for general mental health.



Consider a trial telecommuting project with your prime candidates.   The right balance as an employee or an employer is the best way to ease into a remote workforce for your team. If you’d like more help on how you can start those changes in your office, feel free to give us a call!


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