Special Alert: Apple FaceTime Bug

*Special Alert* – Apple FaceTime Bug

Occasionally news crosses our desk that immediately make us want to forward it to friends and family as a warning. This is one of those…

What is the problem?

“A significant bug has been discovered in FaceTime and is currently spreading virally over social media. The bug lets you call anyone with FaceTime, and immediately hear the audio coming from their phone — before the person on the other end has accepted or rejected the incoming call. Apple says the issue will be addressed in a software update “later this week”.”

How does it work?

There are several reported methods on how to trigger the bug. Here are the steps of the originally identified method:

  1. Start a FaceTime call (for example, to “Mom”)
  2. While it’s dialing, add a person to the call and enter your own number
  3. The “Group FaceTime” feature starts and Mom’s iPhone automatically accepts.
  4. Now your Mom’s iPhone is transmitting audio.
  5. If Mom decides to hit the volume button to decline the call… she’s now also transmitting video!

What should I do?

Apple has disabled the “Group FaceTime” feature for now.
This may alleviate the problem for now but if you are concerned then you can disable FaceTime on your devices.

To disable the feature on your iPhone and iPad:

  • Open the Settings application
  • Scroll down and look for the FaceTime icon
  • Switch the toggle to gray

How to disable FaceTime on your Mac:

  • Open the FaceTime app on your Mac
  • Click “FaceTime” in the Menu bar
  • Click “Turn off FaceTime”

Follow up and prevention…

Only re-enable FaceTime on the devices in which you intend to use FaceTime.
Review and install security updates from Apple when available.

Reference Websites and additional information available at the following sites:

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