The Ping: Apple iPhone Batteries

Apple iPhone Battery Issue

By now you’ve probably heard the scoop around Apple iPhone batteries. When Apple released update 10.2.1 nearly a year ago, iPhone 6 models started slowing down. It turns out that Apple intentionally slowed these phones to make them more reliable during peak performance. Apple eventually also pushed this update to iPhone 7 models.

While these changes may have improved the reliability of older iPhones, it also upset many of the iPhone owners. Apple will be offering the following to all user of iPhone 6 and newer models:

  • A battery replacement reduced to the price of $29:
    • Previously you had to pass a battery test before they would allow you to replace your battery, this has been waved.
    • There are three ways to replace your battery:
      • Take it to an Apple store – don’t forget to make an appointment!
      • Bring it by an authorized Apple service center.
      • Mail it in! (Be weary, this process will take at LEAST a week without any complications)
    • Early this year Apple will release an iOS update that will allow the users to have a better insight into the life of their battery. More detail on this update will be released by Apple in the coming weeks.

Meltdown & Spectre UPDATE: Microsoft have early-released patches for both Windows 7 and 8. If you’re under contract with us, we’ve got it covered!

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