It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. 

Working Remotely. 

As the Corona Virus continues to become an ever increasing threat in the United States, provisions need to be made for the very real possibility of working remotely.  Even if we get lucky and not much happens here in Texas, it’s good to posess the ability for individuals to have the option of working remotely in the event of some other occurrence; a natural disaster or employee illness or injury.  

However, Remote Working has become a very real and ideal option for many of today’s businesses and has increasingly been replacing the traditional workplace environment.  Today numerous individuals work remotely full or part-time, or even while on business travel as a general practice.   

While Remote Work may allow an organization to spend less on physical real estate, it’s important to remember, where you save on physical space you need to invest in the appropriate technology infrastructure to allow for safe and efficient remote access.  In the long run, you may find that investing in infrastructure to allow individuals to work from home not only creates a better work-life balance, saves individuals time and reduces the traffic burden on our roads, makes for happier employees (who actually stay with a company as a result), but may even save an organization money. 

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