SECURITY ALERT: New Crafty Phishing threat

Please be aware that there is a new email phishing scam/threat. This one personally made me cringe because the email looks like it is from the BBB re: a customer complaint. After investigating the message I found that its source is in the Netherlands, obviously not the headquarters for the BBB.

This message will be from [email protected].
Here’s an example message:
SUBJECT LINE: BBB assistance Re: Case # 94494305
Dear Sirs,
The Better Business Bureau has been filed the above mentioned complaint from one of your customers on the subject of their dealings with you.
The details of the consumer’s concern are presented in attached file.
Please examine this matter and advise us of your opinion.
Please CLICK HERE to respond this complaint.

We look forward to your urgent response.
Sincerely yours,
Stacie Nieves
Better Business Bureau

We have alerted the BBB about this threat.
Please immediately delete this message if you see it. Do not click on the CLICK HERE link. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call our help desk at 512-832-6209.