New improved Network Status reports from UniVista

We’ve added a few new systems and processes that will help you and us manage your infrastructure in less time and no additional cost.
Please see the attached reports. These are the first benefits of our redesigned monitoring infrastructure. The first, most obvious benefit of this new system is that, as you can see, your weekly status reports will now be easier to read. As we continue to refine our system you’ll see new graphs appear that cover topics like backup success rates. In the near future we will create a web page for your company that will give you access to these reports and more that you can run on an ad-hoc basis.
These changes are just the tip of the iceberg. We also recently released a redesign of We added a resources section to our website that includes whitepapers and brief overviews on numerous different subjects. Please check this section frequently because we’re adding new articles as new business challenges and technologies emerge.
We also added two technology blogs to the support section of our website. The first one is our own blog. This is where we’ll post new developments that we’ve seen or things we’ve learned that we feel you need to know about right away. For instance, we’ll post alerts about outages or challenges that may effect your operations. The second is the Sunbelt/Vipre blog. This blog is devoted to security issues that will affect your computers.
If you have any ideas that you think would help us provide you with better support then please let us know. Our goal is to be the most responsive and helpful business partner you have and we’re going to do everything we can to meet this goal.